Responding to climate change will require a minimum level of knowledge and expertise by people in all walks of life - policy makers, officials, business leaders, the media, participants in social enterprises, voluntary and community sector activists, energy sector decision makers and concerned members of the general public.

This series aims to provide simple to understand, clear, interesting but well informed presentations by experts in their respective fields -  climate change science, climate economics, energy, technology and social science.

We aim to make the information available in a variety of formats including balanced statistical and quantitative data as the project develops - through public lectures, seminars, a web site with text and web casting, through the local media and newspapers. Some events will be aimed at a general audience, some at a narrower range of specialists.



You can discuss the issues raised in the lectures, and other aspects of climate change, through our Yahoo email group.



The project is organised by Health in Your Environment with the support of Climate Action Network Nottinghamshire, Nottingham City Council and Greater Nottingham Health and Environment Partnership.


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