Lecture 3

"Clean Coal" - Carbon Capture and Storage

Left to right: Colin Snape, Sujatha Raman

This lecture took place on 4th July 2007 at the Arts Centre, University of Nottingham. The speakers were:

Prof Colin E Snape

Director of Energy Technologies Research Institute, School of Chemical, Environmental and Mining Engineering (SChEME), University of Nottingham.

Dr Sujatha Raman

Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies, Institute for Science and Society, University of Nottingham.

Chair - Bettina Lange

Transport 2000


The event was organised by Health in Your Environment with the support of Climate Action Network Nottinghamshire, Nottingham City Council and Greater Nottingham Health and Environment Partnership.


One approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions is to modify the processes by which fossil fuels are burned so that CO2 can be separated out, compressed and transported to a storage location by pipeline or ship and injected into geological formations deep underground. But how reliable are the technologies for carbon capture and storage? Are they safe? How advanced are the technologies and can they be brought into effect quickly enough? How much will they cost - in energy and money? What are the wider implications of this technology for action on climate change? Professor Colin Snape spoke on the technical and economic issues, drawing on his work in this field. Dr Sujatha Raman presented a sociologistís perspective, looking at public perceptions and policy approaches.



You can listen to the speakers being interviewed by our reporter Catherine Adams.

Here are the speakers' presentations.

Audience questions (taken in groups of three):




Colin Snape's presentation (3.3MB pdf)

Sujatha Raman's presentation (0.8MB pdf)




You can discuss the issues raised in this lecture, and other aspects of climate change, through our Yahoo email group.





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