Lecture 7

Climate Change and Transport

Jillian Anable, Bettina Lange, Helen Ross

Left to right: Jillian Anable, Bettina Lange, Helen Ross

This event took place on Monday 19th May 2008 at County Hall, West Bridgford, Nottingham.

The speakers were:

Dr Jillian Anable

Research Fellow, The Centre for Transport Policy, Aberdeen Business School

Bettina Lange

Campaign for Better Transport and East Midlands Transport Activists Round Table

Chair - Helen Ross

Public Health Development Manager, Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County PCTs.

The lecture was organised by Health in Your Environment with the support of Government Office for the East Midlands, East Midlands Development Agency, Climate Action Network Nottinghamshire, Nottingham City Council and Greater Nottingham Health and Environment Partnership.


Transport is a crucial aspect of our economy and our daily lives. It is also a major contributor to the generation of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

Our approach to transport needs to change fundamentally if we are to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Technology may provide some efficiency improvements but the most pressing need is to address our transport behaviour and travel patterns.

Our speakers were well placed to present informed views of the issues relating climate change and transport and how we might best approach the development of policies to mitigate the impact of transport on climate change. Dr Jillian Anable presented a national perspective and Bettina Lange focused on the local and regional issues. Following short presentations there was a "question time" discussion with the speakers responding to points raised by the audience.



You can listen to the speakers being interviewed by our reporter Catherine Adams.

Here are the speakers' presentations.

Here are questions from the audience.






You can discuss the issues raised in this lecture, and other aspects of climate change, through our Yahoo email group.




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