Lecture 9

Techniques for Carbon Management

David Fleming, Laurence Matthews, Nicky Swetnam

Left to right: David Fleming, Laurence Matthews, Nicky Swetnam. Photo by Lewis Stainer.

This event took place on Tuesday 1st July 2008 at the Nottingham Mechanics on North Sherwood Street, Nottingham.

The speakers were:

Dr David Fleming

Tradable Energy Quotas

Dr Laurence Matthews

Cap and Share

Chair - Nicky Swetnam

National Energy Action

The lecture was organised by Health in Your Environment with the support of Government Office for the East Midlands, East Midlands Development Agency, Climate Action Network Nottinghamshire, Nottingham City Council and Greater Nottingham Health and Environment Partnership.


There is an urgent and pressing need to limit the generation of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases if we are to prevent "runaway" climate change. This lecture explored two of the leading proposals for frameworks to set limits on an annual basis and allocate carbon budgets to populations in an equitable way.

The speakers are leading authorities in the field. Dr David Fleming presented the case for tradable energy quotas (www.teqs.net/summary.html) and Dr Laurence Matthews described the "cap and share" proposals (www.capandshare.org). Following short presentations there was a "question time" discussion with the speakers responding to points raised by the audience.



Unfortunately we lost Nicky Swetnam's introduction and the first part of David Fleming's talk due to technical problems. We hope you enjoy the rest of the clips.

You can listen to the speakers being interviewed by our reporter Catherine Adams.

Here are the speakers' presentations.

Here are questions from the audience.







You can discuss the issues raised in this lecture, and other aspects of climate change, through our Yahoo email group.




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